4 Proven Benefits Of Baby Wearing

It is a common knowledge that babies loves to be touched, cuddled and care for. The first visible mode of communication adopted by babies or newborns is crying and the antidote to this most of the time is to be carried, touched or fed. Medical research has shown that infants make steady progress towards growth when touched.

Baby wearing is a modern way of getting close to our child. It helps us meet the need of “touch” that infants need. This is not just the only benefit that baby wearing offers. There are several advantages to baby wearing.  I will quickly show us four (4) benefits that I know and I want you to lend your voice to this article by stating the benefits of baby wearing from your own perspective.

1. Comfort & Convenience

One of the major benefits of baby carriers is the high level of comfort and convenience it offers. With your baby securely strapped to you, you can go places; shopping, hiking, biking etc and even attend to some other house chores. Your arm is “saved” from aches and pains. With a well designed baby carrier, you and your baby can go places where ordinarily you cant with strollers.

2.  Bonding Tool

Baby Carriers are great bonding tool for parents, babysitters, caregivers etc. Carrying your baby in a carrier choosing any of the available positions (front-in, front-out, back etc) brings your baby closer to you and vice versa. Your baby starts to bond with your voice, body odour, heartbeat etc thereby ensuring a strong attachment between the two of you. As parent or caregiver, you are more aware of your baby actions, reactions, attitudes, heartbeat etc. Most of the modern baby carriers are ergonomically designed, giving you the opportunity to snuggle your baby closely.

3.  Confident Parenting

Since baby carrier serves as a bonding tool between parent and child, it also helps parents to attend to their babies more confidently. Using baby carrier helps parent get accustomed to their baby’s movement, expressions, gestures and it will allow them to attend to their child accordingly. As this positive interaction progresses, the child’s confidence in his/her parent deepens. Also, the parent is more confident of what to give to the child at any given instance because of the level of interaction.

4. Happy Babies

The more you carry your baby, the lesser he/she cries. The more you baby wear the happier your baby is.

Kindly drop your comment or experience(s) with baby wearing. Thank you.



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