5 Qualities Of A Good Baby Carrier

With the increasing numbers of baby carrier manufacturers in the market and so Baby Carrier Qualitiesmany more to join, choosing a good baby wrap can be difficult. I had the same problem when I had my first child. I was caught between too many options and I found it difficult to make up my mind on what brand or maker to go for.

Why use baby wraps? Baby wraps has so many advantages. Wraps keeps your baby close, promotes bonding between baby and parent. It helps soothes your baby. In addition to the qualities we will mention, make sure you test the wraps before you buy. Ensure that the wraps suit your body type and baby properly before you put your hard earn money on it.

Having tried so many baby wraps, I can categorically say that there are certain qualities that good baby wrap has which is not present in all. Let’s consider five (5) of these qualities.

1.  Comfortable

There is no point buying a wrap that will strain your body. One of the aim of using baby wrap is to make caring for your baby comfortable for both of you. It should distribute weight evenly and the fabric should be wide enough to wrap your baby

2. Security

The fabric of the wrap should be such that will support the weight of your baby firmly.  It should be sturdy.

3. Versatility

Your choice of baby wrap should be which can be used in diverse carrying positions. The fabric must be adaptable to all forms of maneuvering without wear & tear.

4. Ease of Use

Using a baby wrap should be easy. Actions such as putting it on, pulling off, getting your baby in and out should be a breeze. Also, you must consider periods of breastfeeding, the wrap should support such action without stress even while in public places.

5. Good fabric

Go for baby wraps made of breathable fabrics, soft and one which does not overheat or one that can suffocate your baby.

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